Let the Israel Games Begin…

Remember Gideon?  You should…we just talked about him in the last blog (see Eeyore Syndrome)!  Well, I want to talk about the guy some more.  (With a name that means “Mighty Warrior,” it’s pretty obvious he’s gonna show up in a book about battle.  Gideon is to war books what Shawn Mendes posters are to […]

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Eeyore Syndrome

Judges 6:7-16 (check it out) We see here the Israelites did what they were so good at doing…they worshipped idols (even though they had ring-side seats to God’s awesome Power) so they were handed over to the Midianites.  These guys were not-so-nice, so the Israelites began crying out to God asking for help.  Then God […]

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Mr. Fix-It

“Good timber does not grow with ease.  The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.” -Thomas Morison I wish I could tell you that when the hurricane ends, it’s all over and you can easily repair damages, but sometimes little rainstorms follow. Nehemiah experienced this firsthand. As he went to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, opposition […]

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Grace Filter

(Sorry for the length. But it’s worth the read!) If there was a Gaming Anonymous organization, I’d be there in the circle, admitting I have a problem.   I am self-diagnosed with what scientists call, Sore Loser-itis and Sore Winner-itis.  When I lose I turn into the Hulk.  My brothers and other close friends have […]

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Let it Burn

One of my favorite hobbies is cooking.  I make an epic barbecue sauce that’ll make your taste buds explode!  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.  The sauce is only half of it.  I love eating ribs.  I can’t give all of my culinary secrets away, but what makes my ribs so good is […]

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My parents were planning a road trip one weekend and asked to borrow my car.  It was still fairly new at the time plus it got great gas mileage, which is the reason they wanted to use it. I told them yes because I’m the best son in the universe…and they bought me that car […]

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